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Have you ever wanted to turn a simple, gaming pleasure (and not to mention worldwide phenomenon) into a truly awesome source of making money?

Its been 7 years running and World of Warcraft remains without a shadow of a doubt, the most popular computer game out there, housing a devoted following of nearly 10 million active users.

And best of all, WoW Secrets need NO hard selling as the popularity of the game as well as the insane demand for it will make a guide like this sell itself like crazy!

WoW Secrets is my latest strategy guide written for Diablo 3, making it a massive opportunity for anyone interested in tapping into this unbelievable market. This guide is written to show players of the game how to develop their skills and dominate all aspects of the game.

And because this guide is so unique and has so little competition, traffic will pound your website as the Google Gods will bless you with rankings with the content I'm about to provide for you. In short, conversion rates are through the roof right now, meaning you do less work and make more money for your time.

If you are worried about refund rates, kill that thought. WoW Secrets is coming in well under 3%. The money you make, you keep the bulk of it – and this is my promise to you.

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1. Quality Product by Qualified Experts.

Followers of WOW will probably have come across which is my gold tips site that has been the #1 gold tips site on the internet for 4 years running. I am also responsible for the best-selling guides Warcraft Conquest, Warcraft Formula, Farmville Secrets and many many more.

 I've been a regular fixture on the Clickbank Marketplace for many years, launching many successful products over various niches, including the recent successful WoW Secrets (which hit a gravity of 200 after 4 days!), Warcraft Formula, Warcraft Conquest, Clickbank Gamers and Farmville Secrets (which hit 600 gravity in its heyday!)

2. Super High Commissions, Earning Up to $177 Per Referral





WoW Secrets Basic Member (Recurring)




Upsell: OTO 1

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Recurring Billing Potential ( 12 Months is a Conservative Estimate )

$17 x 12  50% $102.00

Potential Earning Per Referral ( OR MORE!!)





We've worked hard to ensure conversions are as high as possible and your commissions reflect that hard work.

With our excellently crafted auto responder emails and multiple follow ups back end, your leads / visitors will be 'cookied' with your Clickbank hoplink and you will start seeing additional sales with no extra work. Yes, that's exactly how easy it is!

And no... we are not made up figures plucked from nowhere. We back them up with figures and past experiences.

When I launched Warcraft Conquest, I setup a $17 recurring membership fee. Today, there are still thousands of active members on the site.

Check it out, affiliates for Warcraft Conquest earned an average of $3.46 Earnings Per Click.



3. My Reputation Speaks For Itself


Over the years, I have dabbled in many niches in the Clickbank marketplace, starting out as an affiliate before hitting it big as a vendor with my marquee titles, Warcraft Millionaire, Warcraft Formula and Warcraft Conquest.


In addition to the World of Warcraft niche, I also have many best-selling guides in other games, such as the million-dollar cash cow, Farmville Secrets.


Here's a snapshot of one of my launches back in February 2011.



WoW Secrets is primed to shatter that launch, which was one of the biggest in this niche, so take note of that.


Trust me when I say you will want to be the first on the ground floor before this monster starts raking in the big bucks and before you know it, you've missed your VIP front row seats. My long and proven track record shows that I am capable of making taking products to #1 on the Marketplace.

Also, as past of the Clickbank Premier Elite Program and being a Top 100 Clickbank vendor, this only goes to show I knows what I'm doing and I've built a reputation of being the best and producing many products that have time and again proven to be just that.



4. My excellent track record in Recurring Billing Products

The most obvious reason to promote WoW Secrets is that you will continue to earn a commission every time the customer is billed, for the life of the subscription. Depending on how long the customer subscribes to our monthly newsletter, this means that you could possibly be earning regular commissions for years to come!

Since you only have to secure a front-end sale only once to be eligible for these repeating commissions, recurring billing products can be extraordinarily profitable to promote.

And you're in safe hands in this department, as Peng Joon has a proven track record of launching 2 of the best-selling membership sites in the WoW Niche - the hot-seller Warcraft Conquest and its predecessor, Warcraft Formula. Both have very high retention rates.

In fact, check out these extremely low refund and chargeback figures, which are virtually unheard of when it comes to recurring billing products.


What can I say?

We're a freight train that just keeps on rolling.

We know the score and the rules of the game so rest assured we will return the favor with our sizeable list (half a million and going strong)

We're in this together and I’m about to show the wide open fields of dollar green to you..

This is the Big Bang and everything starts here.

By focusing on where traffic is being converted, affiliates are making an ever-increasing amount of money everyday. Don't hesitate any longer and join us on our no-nonsense winning formula to amass your fortune now!

The value of my offer is unparalleled. So, let's talk about how I can make you some money...

Simple Layout Of How It Works

The Basics

WoW Secrets is available to promote through Clickbank. That means all your commissions will be automatically tabulated and payments sent out every week like clockwork.

If you don't have a Clickbank account, it's free and easy to signup. If you do have one, just use the affiliate hoplink I've created below to get started promoting Warcraft Conquest.

You don't have to worry about anything other than generating traffic and sending it my way.

My top converting guide will flip a profit for you and you can sit back and relax. How about that for a good deal?

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Here is a hoplink to help you get started as well:

Replace "YOURID" with your actual Clickbank ID and you're set.

I've included a collection of affiliate tools below to help you get started with your promotion and make things so much easier on you.

Included below blog posts, wipe emails and articles as well as banner ads to promote on your site.

For all text, I recommend you rewrite it or tweak it enough to personalize it to your voice and avoid duplicate content. Beyond that, you may use anything on this page however you want to promote Wow Secrets.



Email 1

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Email 2

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Email 3

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Email 6

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Blog Posts

Blog 1

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Blog 4

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Blog 5

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Banner ads are fantastic for high impact visuals on your page.

The following banners should be placed prominently on your blog or website and used not as a primary means of promotion, but as a good supplement to a blog post or review.

Top left corner placement is always best, but sidebars can be effective as well.

Make sure to include your Clickbank ID in the hoplink for each banner to get credit for the referral.

Right click, select "Save Target As" and save the banners below:



It's time to make some real profits and WoW Secrets is ready to help you do it. Start promoting, start giving the World of Warcraft fans out there what they want and soon enough, you can sit back and start making some real cash.

I look forward to making you insane commissions!





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